Part 3: Don’t sell Drama on Soft Skills

I think we do our subject a massive disservice by defending it all the time by referring to these skills as a purpose of studying Drama. It builds a false understanding of the subject in the students minds and creates a divide between the students expectations of the subject and the realities of how it is taught and, more importantly, assessed. Continue reading Part 3: Don’t sell Drama on Soft Skills

Drama Subject Specific Skills

Welcome back to the second part of this series on skills in Drama. In part one we began by looking at the definitions of knowledge and skills and exploring the differences between them. In this article we are going to look at the skills that are important in the study of Drama. The key to learning Drama and to make the process of learning work … Continue reading Drama Subject Specific Skills

Working with Propeller Theatre

90’s, Edward Hall’s Propeller Theatre has been taking their physical, radical and often outrageous approach to performing Shakespeare. Having won a vast array of awards over the last 30 thirty years, their productions are powerful, visceral and hard-hitting. Their work is a mix of rigorous text work and modern physical theatre. They have been influenced by mask work, animation, film and music from all ages. Continue reading Working with Propeller Theatre