How I’ve been teaching Drama in a Classroom

It has been a month since we returned to school. It also means that it has also been a month since many of us started teaching in classrooms instead of Drama Studios. I wanted to share with you in this video what I’ve been doing in the classroom and how I’ve adapted to our new environments. Continue reading How I’ve been teaching Drama in a Classroom

Tips for teaching drama in a classroom

How do you adapt your practical drama lessons into a classroom environment? The goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to adapt what you have already got to fit the purpose of where you are. Here are six stress free ways you can teach what you taught before but in a classroom. Continue reading Tips for teaching drama in a classroom

Flipped Learning in Drama

Flipped learning isn’t such a new idea but it is still an awesome idea. Flipped Learning as a concept is an easy one to understand. Essentially you are taking out the traditional learning element of the lesson and placing it into the homework via a video which you, as the teacher, previously prepared. Then, during the part of the lesson where the learning once took … Continue reading Flipped Learning in Drama


Screencast-O-Matic is an excellent way of creating Flipped Learning videos and it really couldn’t be any easier either. It is really once you load up the webpage, click START RECORDING. It’ll download the programme onto your computer. This is where the only possible negative of the website comes in as, unless you sign up, the download is only temporary and everytime you want to do … Continue reading Screencast-O-Matic