Behaviour Management in Drama

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Behaviour Management in the Drama Studio

Six top tips that will have your Drama Studio buzzing with excitement by setting the right expectations for behaviour.

9 Behaviour Management tips for teaching Drama in a Classroom

From time to time we all have to teach in a classroom instead of our usual Drama Studio space. This can be daunting and scary. So here are my top tips for helping successful behaviour management in the classroom when teaching Drama. Continue reading 9 Behaviour Management tips for teaching Drama in a Classroom

Routines in Drama

We all find comfort in routine. We all have rituals and routines for doing everything in life from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. Routines help us know where we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it. The key to a good routine is that we… Continue reading Routines in Drama

Mobiles in the Classroom

I like technology in the classroom and I’m very much in favour of BOYD – Bring Your Own Device. I think where possible, as long as the school are buying reasonably priced devices which are no better or no worse than the average device owned by the students, a mixture of BOYD and school owned… Continue reading Mobiles in the Classroom

When to phone home. 

Involving parents in a child’s education is special and important, but it is mainly kept to the confines of parents evenings and bad things. However, we all have some experience of a parent we’ve got to know better, maybe the parent of the child who did GCSE, now doing A Level and has been in… Continue reading When to phone home. 

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