The beginning of the end for the EBACC?

It must surely be time for this squeeze on our education system to stop. Let children choose the subjects that they want to do, be that all the arts subjects, every language or any combination they choose which they, and their parents, feel is appropriate to their abilities, desires and aspirations. Culture isn’t just something for the privileged, all people have culture, and all schoolchildren should be shown it and asked to participate within it. Continue reading The beginning of the end for the EBACC?

Model Key Stage 3 Curriculum

So, this is my model Key Stage 3 curriculum. It feeds into the new GCSE content in a broad way, but allows the students to have a thorough understanding of both the basic terminology and the chronology of theatre. As a school we’ve been looking at a knowledge based curriculum, and for all it’s good … Continue reading Model Key Stage 3 Curriculum

My Drama Manifesto

This is my manifesto for Drama in Education and why I believe that teaching Drama and Theatre to young people, and working with young people through the medium of Drama and Theatre, is very important. Fundamentally I believe in teaching the art of making theatre, and studying the theatre of others, makes people better people and … Continue reading My Drama Manifesto


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