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5 Drama Games that encourage an ensemble and group mindset

Getting students to work as an ensemble can be tough. Some students find it hard to stay focused and work within a group and others find it hard not to stand out and be the star. When creating performance work, creating drama or working for a team it is important for students to know that their role, no matter how large or small, is as important as everyone else in the group. Here are five games that focus on getting students warmed up whilst working on performance focus and the concept of the ensemble.

Four Devising Games that are guaranteed to create dialogue

Four Drama Games that are excellent ways of improvising and devising dialogue to work with in a scene or play. They can be done in the Drama Studio, Classroom or online learning environment and always create interesting, engaging and exciting dialogue. Continue reading Four Devising Games that are guaranteed to create dialogue

4 More Drama Games

These are the Drama Games that I’ve been playing with my students these last few months. I like to try to get different games going and try out new ones. Not all of them work with every group and not all them are appropriate to different situations and scenarios. Like all Drama games, you select… Continue reading 4 More Drama Games

Alien, Cow, Tiger

This is an excellent little warm up that I’ve found on improvencyclopedia. Description Everyone in a circle. There are 3 things a player can be: An alien: hold you index fingers up next to your head, as little antenna`s and say `Bleeb bleeb`, bending inwards into the circle; A cow: bend forward, hold your right… Continue reading Alien, Cow, Tiger

2 quick fire warm ups

DARTS This is a very simple but fun Drama Game that encourages  spontaneous improvisation without the students really thinking about it and before they know it everyone is acting along, laughing with everyone else and thoughts of embarrassment are forgotten. Standing with all the students in a circle explain that a student will cross the… Continue reading 2 quick fire warm ups

Body Parts

This is a really good physical warm up that gives the students the opportunity to explore their characters in a exaggerated and visceral way. It is really useful if you play some physical games or warm ups first to get the students engaged. Then, walking around the space making sure that each students accepts their… Continue reading Body Parts

3 Focusing Warm Ups  

Clap Snap Stamp I play this in a big circle but it could be played in pairs or small groups. Firstly, count from one to three, each student one number at a time, and keep repeating this. So student number one would go one, two, three, one, two, three, and so on. Once they get… Continue reading 3 Focusing Warm Ups  

Family Portraits

This is a very simple warm up that can be used to explore a characters relationship with the rest of their family and those close to them. Depending on group sizes and the text/devised piece involved, this could be done as a whole class or in individual groups. Begin the activities by having a discussion… Continue reading Family Portraits

8 down to 1

Difficult warm up to explain, everyone count out loud shaking as fast as you can first your right arm, then your left arm, then right leg and finally left leg counting down from 8 down to 1 each time. When you’ve done all four limbs, start again with each limb counting down from 4 to… Continue reading 8 down to 1

Burts Drama Generator (Mini)

As the students enter the room, give each student one of two different colour post it notes. Once inside the room, instruct the first colour to write down simply locations (Tesco, Home etc…) and on the other colour write down crisis’s (fire alarm, monkey escapes etc…). Use the first six of each and leave the… Continue reading Burts Drama Generator (Mini)

Chair Games

Girl Guides, Scouts or Boys Brigade? A variation on the game Oranges and Lemons. Assign the students into three teams based on anything from after school clubs to football teams and then spread their chairs randomly around the room. With the chairs spread around the room the action becomes less predictive and students have to… Continue reading Chair Games


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