Chair Games

Girl Guides, Scouts or Boys Brigade?

A variation on the game Oranges and Lemons. Assign the students into three teams based on anything from after school clubs to football teams and then spread their chairs randomly around the room. With the chairs spread around the room the action becomes less predictive and students have to move further. There are so many different variations of this game and I wonder what the origins of the game are. I’ve never got on with the “People who…” variation because I find that at the beginning of the year no one has the confidence to actually say “yes, so do I” and move!

The Chair Game

With the chairs spread around the room, ask one person to stand up leaving an empty chair. The object of the game is for that person (A) to sit down on the empty chair and for everyone else (B’s) to stop them. B’s are not allowed to touch A in any way but simply move from their chair to the empty chair, thus making A change direction to the new vacant chair. The aim is to see how long B’s can keep A out of the chair.


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