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Elizabethan Theatres, Stages, Sets and Props

Discover how Shakespeare’s best kept secrets of how he added secret stage instructions for actors to follow.

Sidecoaching with The Tempest

Sidecoaching is an act through of the play rather than a read through of the play. It is a really useful way of helping students learn not just the plot of the play but also the characters, their motivations and the underlying themes of the play. Continue reading Sidecoaching with The Tempest

Shakespeare’s rural background

Shakespeare’s rural backound has been a great influence on him and his plays. Unlike his contemporaries, Shakespeare didn’t go to university (Oxford or Cambridge), and as such didn’t have an opportunity to loose his accent (which is fairly average of what happens at universities). Not only was his lack of formal education fuel for ridicule… Continue reading Shakespeare’s rural background

Elizabethan Costume

This is the Peacham Manuscript. It is the only surviving manuscript from the time of Shakespeare and the only surviving documentation of the costumes that actors might have worn on stage. The image is of a performance of Titus Andronicus. Take a closer look at the image and the central character, is wearing a toga… Continue reading Elizabethan Costume

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