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Encouraging ensemble and group mindset

Getting students to work as an ensemble can be tough. Some students find it hard to stay focused and work within a group and others find it hard not to stand out and be the star. When creating performance work, creating drama or working for a team it is important for students to know that their role, no matter how large or small, is as important as everyone else in the group.

These five games all focus on getting students warmed up whilst working on performance focus and the concept of the ensemble.

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  • Rehearsing Pace of Voice
    It is important that we think about manipulating our pace of voice when developing characters for a performance. A character’s pace should reflect their mental and emotional state. As your character goes through their journey in the play, the pace of your voice should change and reflect that journey. Here is a great rehearsal exercise to help achieve that.
  • 9 Behaviour Management tips for teaching Drama in a Classroom
    From time to time we all have to teach in a classroom instead of our usual Drama Studio space. This can be daunting and scary. So here are my top tips for helping successful behaviour management in the classroom when teaching Drama.
  • How I’ve been teaching Drama in a Classroom
    It has been a month since we returned to school. It also means that it has also been a month since many of us started teaching in classrooms instead of Drama Studios. I wanted to share with you in this video what I’ve been doing in the classroom and how I’ve adapted to our new environments.

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Become an outstanding, proactive and respected Head of Drama

A very popular article from 2018 and being Head of Drama. There are so many things to balance when being Head of Drama. You need to plan and manage a curriculum with less contact time than other subjects have. Heads of Drama are quite often working alone in one-person departments or working with one or two non-specialist teachers. who don’t invest their time into the drama department like they do in their own department. As Head of Drama you have to coordinate more extra-curricular activities and trips than most departments. We have to do all this while we are still held accountable to our results, our development plans and our policy setting. I’ve curated a list of five areas of focus that will help you the confidence to succeed as Head of Drama.

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