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  • Summer Term Round Up
    Time for some stats. Between April and July 2021 Burt’s Drama received 42,582 views from an average of 7559 unique visits per month. Visits come from across the world, the five biggest being UK, USA, Australia, Canada and India.
  • 6 Things to consider when planning for next year
    When planning what to teach next year and any potential change, it is important to consider the boundaries, limitations and potential scope of what you can do. These may be boundaries that are placed by your circumstances or the situation with Drama in your school. Not all of us live in an ideal world where we can do everything we would want, so it is important that we understand the parameters of what we can do.
  • Sidecoaching with The Tempest
    Sidecoaching is an act through of the play rather than a read through of the play. It is a really useful way of helping students learn not just the plot of the play but also the characters, their motivations and the underlying themes of the play.

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Mastery in Drama

Assessment has a dual purpose in education. On the one hand it is there to help teachers understand what learning has occurred and what interventions need to take place to ensure that any gaps in knowledge are addressed. On the other hand, it is to measure how much a learner has understood of the topic that they are learning.

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