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Practitioner Focus: Katie Mitchell

Explore the highly charged, emotional and hard hitting work of Katie Mitchell. Her approach, which has been referred to as extreme Naturalism, pushes boundaries of theatrical techniques and audience perceptions.

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  • 6 Tips for new Heads of Drama
    Stepping up to Head of Drama can be very rewarding job. Although the workload, accountability and responsibility increases so does the job satisfaction and the impact you can make on the lives of students. So here are some top tips to help your first few months at Head of Drama become a successful and joyful experience.
  • Bringing a Shakespeare Soliloquy to life
    Finding ways of bringing a Soliloquy to life can be hard for students. That lengthy passage of dialogue can seem impenetrable, complicated and daunting. The following series of activities can help you and your students brings life to a Soliloquy and feel confident about performing it.
  • Entrance and exits tickets in Drama
    Entrance and exit tickets. Two simple concepts that can go a long way to helping your students learning. Use entrance tickets at the start of your lesson to help your students focus on what’s to come and use exit tickets to establish what they’ve learnt from the lesson.

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Drama Ambassadors

The most popular article of 2013! Drama Ambassadors or Drama Captains are an excellent addition to your department. Being one is a fun and rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to learn, develop and improve leadership skills by becoming involved in the creative achievements of both the Drama Department and the school. Having them is a fantastic opportunity to help reduce the workload for you. This is especially good for small departments where time is a precious commodity.

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