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  • Mastery in Drama
    Assessment has a dual purpose in education. On the one hand it is there to help teachers understand what learning has occurred and what interventions need to take place to ensure that any gaps in knowledge are addressed. On the other hand, it is to measure how much a learner has understood of the topic that they are learning.
  • Rehearsing with a script – establishing a routine for analysing text.
    Find success in working with scripts by establishing and embedding routines into your Drama lessons and your students working Drama vocabulary. This routine will help your students make stronger connections between the text they are reading and performance of it. It will help them develop a deeper and fuller understanding of the importance of text work to help them know the importance of structure, character and dialogue.
  • Spring Term Roundup
    Between the months of January 2021 and March 2021 Burt’s Drama received 73,148 views from an average of 12,078 unique visits per month. Read the Spring Term Roundup to find out what happened.

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Making the Drama Studio an emotionally safe place

Despite all our best intentions, the Drama Studio can be a terrifying place. Our job has to be about making the Drama Studio an emotionally and physically safe space for everyone. Here is just a start, five that I think we could all do to help the Drama Studio become a safer environment.

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History of Drama in Education Part 1: Splitting definitions of Drama.

Part 1 of a 6 part series about the history of Drama in Education.

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