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Tips for teaching Drama in a classroom

How do you adapt your practical drama lessons into a classroom environment? The goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to adapt what you have already got to fit the purpose of where you are.

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  • Practitioner Guide: Katie Mitchell
    Explore the highly charged, emotional and hard hitting work of Katie Mitchell. Her approach, which has been referred to as extreme Naturalism, pushes boundaries of theatrical techniques and audience perceptions.
  • Prompts, tips and ideas for writing student duologues
    Writing duologues can be really daunting. So much information that you want to communicate to an audience but so little time. These excellent tips and scenario ideas will help your students create amazing, engaging and emotional duologues.
  • Monologues and how to make them!
    A playlist of useful videos from YouTube, a mixture of great examples of student monologues and advice from others in the profession to help make your monologues fantastic.

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Dedicated Independent Reflection Time

A post from 2015 on how Dedicated Independent Reflection Time is used to help students to reflect on their progress and set targets for their practical work.

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