The Drama Teacher’s Handbook

A how to guide to creating and teaching a knowledge rich, practical and comprehensive Drama curriculum.

  • Understand what your Drama curriculum needs
  • Develop and improve your Drama curriculum
  • Teach knowledge rich Drama lessons
  • New and easy to use Key Stage 3 Assessment Criteria
  • Learning activities you can use straight away
  • Access to over 25 free supporting resources

Drama teacher Keith Burt shares his experience of curating, creating and teaching Drama curriculum from over 20 years of working in and with secondary schools. In the pages of this book, he turns his lifetime’s experience into practical, actionable steps to help you develop a robust, successful and sustainable Drama curriculum that will challenge, inspire and engage your students.

In this honest, instantly accessible and applicable book, Keith talks about why Drama is, and always will be, an academic subject and one worthy of study. He shares with you best practices to help you review your current curriculum and set about establishing a framework from within which you can begin curating and creating your ideal Drama curriculum.

He guides you on how to organise, design and realise a courageous, challenging and coherent Drama curriculum. With this, alongside a complete and immediately useable Key Stage 3 Assessment Criteria, over 50 straight to teaching activities, tasks and free resources, this is a complete practical handbook for teaching knowledge rich Drama which you will use on a day to day basis.