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Six characterisation exercises to try

Improve your students characterisation development with these six easy to use exercises.

Sidecoaching with The Tempest

Sidecoaching is an act through of the play rather than a read through of the play. It is a really useful way of helping students learn not just the plot of the play but also the characters, their motivations and the underlying themes of the play. Continue reading Sidecoaching with The Tempest

Rehearsing with a script – establishing a routine for analysing text.

Find success in working with scripts by establishing and embedding routines into your Drama lessons and your students working Drama vocabulary. This routine will help your students make stronger connections between the text they are reading and performance of it. It will help them develop a deeper and fuller understanding of the importance of text… Continue reading Rehearsing with a script – establishing a routine for analysing text.

Rehearsing Pace of Voice

It is important that we think about manipulating our pace of voice when developing characters for a performance. A character’s pace should reflect their mental and emotional state. As your character goes through their journey in the play, the pace of your voice should change and reflect that journey. Here is a great rehearsal exercise… Continue reading Rehearsing Pace of Voice

Conscience Alley

Conscience Alley is a Drama tool that has been around for quite a long time. I suspect that it comes from Brain Way or Dorothy Heathcote and it is something that I have always associated with ‘process drama’. Drama as a pedagogy rather than Drama as a subject. It wouldn’t look out of place in… Continue reading Conscience Alley

Chair Games

Girl Guides, Scouts or Boys Brigade? A variation on the game Oranges and Lemons. Assign the students into three teams based on anything from after school clubs to football teams and then spread their chairs randomly around the room. With the chairs spread around the room the action becomes less predictive and students have to… Continue reading Chair Games

Learning Lines

I’m sure I’m not the only teacher in the world who gets frustrated when students don’t learn their lines. It is impossible to do anything more than block scenes with students who have open books in their hands. They can’t move their hands or arms, their point of focus is in the book rather than… Continue reading Learning Lines


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