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How to use Post-It Note Feedback to improve, record and track verbal feedback.

Rehearsing for a performance is a difficult period of time to control. Students are working independent from the teacher, to their own deadlines and creating something that is specific to them. Knowing when and how to intervene can be very difficult. One of the standard ways of doing so is teacher observation. Taking notes on the performance and then giving verbal feeding back to the students on how to improve. But what happens to these notes and that verbal feedback? It could be a week before the students come back together to rehearse and make progress. How are they going to refer to this feedback and action it? Post it note feedback of course!

Mastery in Drama

Assessment has a dual purpose in education. On the one hand it is there to help teachers understand what learning has occurred and what interventions need to take place to ensure that any gaps in knowledge are addressed. On the other hand, it is to measure how much a learner has understood of the topic… Continue reading Mastery in Drama

Peer Assessment

I’ve been on holiday for two weeks, hence the absence of blog posts (if anyone was wondering!). As is always the case, my mind isn’t diverted from work for too long and at some point I begin reflecting on the last half term and then start convincing myself that I’ll be better in the coming… Continue reading Peer Assessment

How I use DIRT in Drama lessons.

Dedicated Independent Reflection Time Dedicated Independent Reflection Time or Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time is, well, exactly that. Time given to the students to do nothing else but to reflect on their progress and consider how to improve and where to go next. It is something that I first came across from blogger Hunting English. How… Continue reading How I use DIRT in Drama lessons.

Evidencing Progress

I’ve just had feedback from a book scrutiny on my Year 10 Drama GCSE group. These have been some interesting bits of feedback that I want to reflect on. Firstly though, for context, in Drama we keep our classwork in folders and we have homework books for written work. This is because the class work… Continue reading Evidencing Progress


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