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6 Top tips on planning a rehearsal

Six extremely useful top tips to help your prepare and rehearse your productions.

Why should you use Booklets in your lesson?

Who has been using booklets? Who has always used booklets? They are something that has gone and out of fashion more times that I can remember. I’ve used them, abandoned them, seen them used in other schools successfully, brought them back, abandoned them again! Continue reading Why should you use Booklets in your lesson?

Routines in Drama

We all find comfort in routine. We all have rituals and routines for doing everything in life from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. Routines help us know where we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it. The key to a good routine is that we… Continue reading Routines in Drama

A recipe for a Drama Lesson

A classic Drama lesson with fun activities, engaged students and active learning Equipment: A space without tables, chairs, stage lights and sound system optional. Ingredients 1 Cup of Engaging Material 1 Cup of Engaging activities (that have been linked) 1 Large Cup of Pace A dash of Music (optional) A dollop of Performance A squeeze… Continue reading A recipe for a Drama Lesson

ICER Resources

I’ve just uploaded onto TES some resources for ICER. ICER is an acronym for Ideas, Create, Evaluate and Rehearse and acts as a way of structuring the lesson and the way in which students create drama. It allows for early intervention with groups you aren’t working well and it maintains a fast but healthy pace to… Continue reading ICER Resources

How I use DIRT in Drama lessons.

Dedicated Independent Reflection Time Dedicated Independent Reflection Time or Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time is, well, exactly that. Time given to the students to do nothing else but to reflect on their progress and consider how to improve and where to go next. It is something that I first came across from blogger Hunting English. How… Continue reading How I use DIRT in Drama lessons.

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