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Tips for Remote Drama Teaching

In these strange and unusual times we are being asked to teach, or at least provide, lessons remotely. Such a task comes with complex issues about how to get your work to students, how to communicate with them and how to provide feedback to them. As I have the time to do so, I thought I’d write an article on how we can approach teaching remotely.

Cover Work

Don’t bother about reading this post now. You don’t need it now. But that’s the thing about cover work. You never need it when you’re active, involved and alert. You need it when you’re feeling at your worst. You’re groggy and ill. You’ve received bad news and your mind isn’t in work mode. So bookmark this page for when you need it and come back … Continue reading Cover Work

Managing props in a production

Making sure that you all the relevant props for the actors to use gives a much more professional look to the show. However, they are also something that can easily be forgotten about or left to the last minute and then rushed. It is important therefore to manage your props and here are some suggested ways of doing just that. Continue reading Managing props in a production

Roles and Responsibilities in the Theatre explored

Here is a YouTube Playlist that I have curated which covers 10 different job roles within the theatre, including Director, Costume Designer and Front of House Manager. It is a requirement for most Examination Syllabuses that students know about these roles and responsibilities within theatre. Although it’s a minimum requirement that students know what the job roles are, I think that it is worth exploring … Continue reading Roles and Responsibilities in the Theatre explored

History of Drama in Education Part 6: Differences, arguments and existential crises.

There have been a lot of developments in education in the last 10 years, especially at Key Stage 3 and within the National Curriculum. Changes which have a massive knock on effect on Drama. Yet regardless of how vigorous, reasoned, or passionate any argument from the Drama Teaching establishment was, all protests fell on deaf ears. A harsh reality needs to be remembered here. From the very moment Drama was left out of the National Curriculum, there has been no reason for the Government to include Drama in any of its plans. Continue reading History of Drama in Education Part 6: Differences, arguments and existential crises.


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