Working with Propeller Theatre

90’s, Edward Hall’s Propeller Theatre has been taking their physical, radical and often outrageous approach to performing Shakespeare. Having won a vast array of awards over the last 30 thirty years, their productions are powerful, visceral and hard-hitting. Their work is a mix of rigorous text work and modern physical theatre. They have been influenced by mask work, animation, film and music from all ages. Continue reading Working with Propeller Theatre

Shining a light onto Lighting Design

Getting students to work with lighting can sometimes be very daunting and difficult. There is a big jump between simply designing what you want from a lighting design on a piece of paper, to actually using the lanterns and creating lighting states. Here are five activities that will help you make the jump into getting students to work realistically and productively with lanterns and lighting states. Continue reading Shining a light onto Lighting Design

Rehearsing with a script – establishing a routine for analysing text.

Find success in working with scripts by establishing and embedding routines into your Drama lessons and your students working Drama vocabulary.

This routine will help your students make stronger connections between the text they are reading and performance of it. It will help them develop a deeper and fuller understanding of the importance of text work to help them know the importance of structure, character and dialogue. Continue reading Rehearsing with a script – establishing a routine for analysing text.