3 Focusing Warm Ups  

Clap Snap Stamp

I play this in a big circle but it could be played in pairs or small groups. Firstly, count from one to three, each student one number at a time, and keep repeating this. So student number one would go one, two, three, one, two, three, and so on.

Once they get this, replace the `one` with a `snap` (snap your fingers).

Once everyone is into that, replace the `two` as well, with a hand-clap.

Finally, replace the `three` as well, with a stamp of the right foot. Play at high speed!


I play this game in a large circle but it can also be done in small groups. Students say as many words that have nothing to do with each other, until they start associating. Restart as soon as you`ve got an association and the person who said the word that did form an association is out of the game.

For exampke: cat, deodorizer, house, green, grass. Here we restart, because grass is obviously an association on green.

If you’re particularly mean (like I seem to be!) you could say any word in the sequence must not make a connection. For exampke: cat, deodorizer, house, green, fur. Here Cat and Fur are associated.

Walking by numbers

Every player finds himself a spot in the room, make sure players can see each other. When you say 1, exactly 1 student starts walking without communicating to the rest of the group.

Ask them to stop moving and then ask for two people to start walking, again without communication like the first.

Repeat this until everyone in the class is moving.

The lower numbers can be really difficult and requires a lot of focus and quick mathematics.


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