Your chance to help change BBC Bitesize Drama GCSE.

I love BBC Bitesize. I love everything about it. It is easily accessible by every student. It explains key terminology, key concepts and key skills in a clear, concise and comprehensive way. It is also free. It crosses all boundaries in terms of ability and inequality.

As such, I use it all the time and I think the Drama pages for GCSE in particular, are a great resource. There is loads of information held within those pages for any student to be able to gain all they need to complete their GCSE to a reasonably high level. It covers everything from performance skills to performing a script via devising theatre and theatre practitioners.

It is a sound and solid resource which I go to a lot for homework for students at the end of their Key Stage 3 or at the start of their GCSE Drama. I also encourage students to go back for the revision in Year 11. It can provide a real depth to your curriculum without having a pay out for text books or other resources.

There are a few problems with it. It can be difficult to navigate and find the right information you want your students to research or revise from. Some of it is a bit out of date now. It can also be hard to know which information is relevant to the exam board you are delivering.

However, big changes are taking place behind the scenes at BBC Bitesize and all the content across all of the subjects are being reviewed, changed, adapted and developed.

I’ve been working with the BBC Bitesize team on some of these changes for Drama and they now need your input. They want input from all Drama Teachers, irrespective of whether you use BBC Bitesize all the time, you use it once a year or hasn’t used it before.

They need you to help them make those improvements to the content so that you will use it, that you do get your students to use it and that it is the service you and your students want and need.

All you need to do is answer this survey.