Five top tips for Devising Theatre

Devising Theatre is daunting and when I was a Drama student I found it one of the most difficult elements of the course. As an adult theatre practitioner, it is something I rarely do. I do a lot of script work, I’ve worked in professional and amateur theatres with scripts. With that we might devise short pieces to help explore characters or scenarios. But these … Continue reading Five top tips for Devising Theatre

Conscience Alley

Conscience Alley is a Drama tool that has been around for quite a long time. I suspect that it comes from Brain Way or Dorothy Heathcote and it is something that I have always associated with ‘process drama’. Drama as a pedagogy rather than Drama as a subject. It wouldn’t look out of place in a History lesson for example. Its structure is loose, which … Continue reading Conscience Alley

Strategies for the GCSE Options Process

I’m pretty sure that I don’t speak for myself when I share with you my dread of the options process every Spring. Each passing year seems to get more and more stressful. Every year the number of students needs to make a group viable seems to increase whilst at the same time every year there has been a decline in students taking Drama. Every year … Continue reading Strategies for the GCSE Options Process