Mobiles in the Classroom

I like technology in the classroom and I’m very much in favour of BOYD – Bring Your Own Device. I think where possible, as long as the school are buying reasonably priced devices which are no better or no worse than the average device owned by the students, a mixture of BOYD and school owned devices is a happy medium to ensure that everyone in … Continue reading Mobiles in the Classroom

When to phone home. 

Involving parents in a child’s education is special and important, but it is mainly kept to the confines of parents evenings and bad things. However, we all have some experience of a parent we’ve got to know better, maybe the parent of the child who did GCSE, now doing A Level and has been in every school productions possible. That’s a lovely relationship and you … Continue reading When to phone home. 

6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama

Accept the noise When everyone is working hard in the drama studio, developing different ideas into performances, there will be noise. There will be a lot of noise. You need to embrace the noise and accept it. What you must make sure is that that noise is the sound of people working hard and not the sound of people being off task. From experience, it … Continue reading 6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama