Family Portraits

This is a very simple warm up that can be used to explore a characters relationship with the rest of their family and those close to them. Depending on group sizes and the text/devised piece involved, this could be done as a whole class or in individual groups. Begin the activities by having a discussion about the family and important people in the characters life … Continue reading Family Portraits

6 Character Development Exercises to try

The Monologue In the role of your character, write, rehearse and prepare a 2-3 minute monologue that accurately portrays your character at a particular point in time within the play your studying / performing. Consider what the character is thinking and feeling at that moment. What are their fears, hopes, love and hates in life and how they relate to this moment in the play. … Continue reading 6 Character Development Exercises to try

Burts Drama Generator (Mini)

As the students enter the room, give each student one of two different colour post it notes. Once inside the room, instruct the first colour to write down simply locations (Tesco, Home etc…) and on the other colour write down crisis’s (fire alarm, monkey escapes etc…). Use the first six of each and leave the rest for another game at a later time. Borrow a … Continue reading Burts Drama Generator (Mini)

Chair Games

Girl Guides, Scouts or Boys Brigade? A variation on the game Oranges and Lemons. Assign the students into three teams based on anything from after school clubs to football teams and then spread their chairs randomly around the room. With the chairs spread around the room the action becomes less predictive and students have to move further. There are so many different variations of this … Continue reading Chair Games

Absolutely Awesome Alliteration Acting Activity

This is a game that I’ve used for many years with Year 7 and 8 as a ‘get to know your names’ activity. I’ve often started the year with the students in the same position in the circle for the first few weeks and take a note of their names in this activity. There are so many students and so many names that that is … Continue reading Absolutely Awesome Alliteration Acting Activity