Changing Levels: Making KS3 Assessment Work

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I intend to change Key Stage 3 Assessment to using a Graded system of 1 – 9. I have decided to go back to the Drama in Schools document published in 2003 by the Arts Council and build this new assessment system around the model of Make, Perform and Respond (MPR). I’ve broken MPR down in 6 different … Continue reading Changing Levels: Making KS3 Assessment Work

ICER Resources

I’ve just uploaded onto TES some resources for ICER. ICER is an acronym for Ideas, Create, Evaluate and Rehearse and acts as a way of structuring the lesson and the way in which students create drama. It allows for early intervention with groups you aren’t working well and it maintains a fast but healthy pace to the lesson. It is very observation and OfSted friendly as … Continue reading ICER Resources

6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama

Accept the noise When everyone is working hard in the drama studio, developing different ideas into performances, there will be noise. There will be a lot of noise. You need to embrace the noise and accept it. What you must make sure is that that noise is the sound of people working hard and not the sound of people being off task. From experience, it … Continue reading 6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama