Screencast-O-Matic is an excellent way of creating Flipped Learning videos and it really couldn’t be any easier either. It is really once you load up the webpage, click START RECORDING. It’ll download the programme onto your computer. This is where the only possible negative of the website comes in as, unless you sign up, the download is only temporary and everytime you want to do … Continue reading Screencast-O-Matic

6 reasons to use flipped learning.

For my dissertation last year I looked at using flipped learning as a tool for my class of Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students. Flipped learning is a model of teaching that literally flips the normal relationship between the classroom and homework. Traditionally, the learning has been done in the classroom and a part of checking that that learning has taken place is through … Continue reading 6 reasons to use flipped learning.

Flipped Classroom Reflections

We’ve done two presentations now and I started the third one today. I’m beginning  question where I’m going with this. The first one I did was exciting and the students really liked it. They came into the next lesson buzzing and saying how great it was. The lesson after the presentation was set up so that we could go straight into the work rather than … Continue reading Flipped Classroom Reflections