15 Minute Drama CPD: Flipped Learning

A 15 minute CPD session on using Flipped Learning in Drama will help you achieve more time in the Drama Studio working on creating theatre with students. In this session you will learn the essentials of Flipped Learning and a model of how it can be successfully applied in Drama at all levels.

Flipped Learning is a simple idea which involves changing the role of homework from evidencing learning to actual learning. This is achieved by altering the framework of both the lesson and the homework. The lesson becomes more focused on understanding how much the students have understood the learning, making interventions where necessary to plug gaps in understanding and then helping students to evidence their understanding correctly. Whereas the homework becomes a learning activity which, in the case of Flipped Learning, is a recording of your teaching.

Disclaimer: This mini CPD is a version of a presentation that was presented at the Global Schools Alliance Conference in October 2020.

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