The beginning of the end for the EBACC?

It must surely be time for this squeeze on our education system to stop. Let children choose the subjects that they want to do, be that all the arts subjects, every language or any combination they choose which they, and their parents, feel is appropriate to their abilities, desires and aspirations. Culture isn’t just something for the privileged, all people have culture, and all schoolchildren should be shown it and asked to participate within it. Continue reading The beginning of the end for the EBACC?

5 Foundations of Building Character

his week something unusual happened. Something that hasn’t happened for a long time. Not since the early to mid 2000’s, which is over 10 years now! I first found out about it via twitter in a tweet which I think most of you will have seen by now. At first I was dubious. I had to pinch myself. Some good news that involves Drama in British Schools in a favorable and positive light! Continue reading 5 Foundations of Building Character