Theatre In Education Links

“Theatre in Education (TIE) is a process in which it includes all the interactive theatre/drama practices that help aid the educational process. As TIE is used, new strategies and objectives for using theatre as an educational tool emerge.” (Wikipedia)


BBC Bitesize Revision Page – Absolutely awesome place to start researching and learning about TIE. 

Wikipedia site on Applied Drama, an umbrella term that modern TIE falls under. 


Useful blog about the history of TIE. 

TIE Companies

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. 

Nottingham Playhouse.

Big Brum Theatre. 

Modern TIE

Useful newspaper article by The Gaurdian about the state of modern TIE. 

“As theatre education managers challenge themselves and satisfy funders with a seemingly constant race to think of more and more exciting ideas, I wonder whether we are also compromising a very basic, and now very unfashionable use for theatre in education – that of using performance as a way of directly promoting positive social change.” (The Gaurdian). 


Clip from Mark Wheelers TIE piece about Arson called “Arson About”

Overview of the work of Belgrade Theatre

An example of TiE from students in Milton Keynes. 


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