Verbatim Theatre Links

“Verbatim theatre is a form of documentary theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic.” (Wikipedia)

What is Verbatim Theatre?

The National Theatre, UK, guide to making Verbatim Theatre.

An essay by Theatre Ciritc Micheal Billingham for The Gaurdian about Verbatim Theatre.

Another article in The Gaurdian about Verbatim Theatre, this time written by Gary Nun, about how strong a medium it is to communicate real every day issues to audience.

Alecky Blythe (author of London Road, the play from which they image is taken from) has written an article on about her experiences writing the play and the response it got.

A blog post about why should we make Verbatim Theatre.

An article from Exuent Magazine about the Ethics of Verbatim Theatre.

A Theatrestyles blog post.

Theatre Companies

Hope Theatre Company

Recorded Delivery Theatre Company

Reveal Theatre

Reviews of performances

DV8’s 2014 Production of John reviewed by The Telegraph.

The National Theatres 2012 Production of London Road reviewed by The Guardian.

Resources for teachers

A really good guide from theatrefolk on making a piece of Verbatim Theatre with a group or class.

A support pack from The National Theatre Of Scotland covering its performance of Black Watch. It is obviously centred around that production but it can be easily adapted.


A very good introduction by The National Theatre.

A guide to creating Verbatim Theatre by The National Theatre.

A guide to the ethics of Verbatim Theatre by The National Theatre

London Road interviews with Alecky Blythe, Adam Cork & Rufus Norris

Extract from DV8’s production “Can we talk about this”, a production fusing dance and Verbatim Theatre.

Student Handout

At the start of every unit that involves I like to give them a handout with all these links on them so they can do some of their own research. It’s best to email them it so that they can use the links properly.

Verbatim Theatre Links Handout


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