Latest Interview with Drama Teacher Jenny Cameron

Here is the second interview of my new monthly feature; interviews with Drama Teachers who work tirelessly, hard and in their Drama Studio. This time it is with Jenny Camerson who is both a Head of Performing Arts and a Drama SL based in Cheltenham. KRB: How long have you been teaching? JC: Since 1997 – I started out in Warwickshire teaching mostly English with … Continue reading Latest Interview with Drama Teacher Jenny Cameron


I first came across Classdojo about 4 or 5 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. It is a brilliant website and app that really engages students into learning and dealing with classroom behaviour. Essentially Classdojo is a reward and sanction programme. It allows you to give a student reward marks when they do something good like participate, answer a question or work hard. … Continue reading Classdojo

When to phone home. 

Involving parents in a child’s education is special and important, but it is mainly kept to the confines of parents evenings and bad things. However, we all have some experience of a parent we’ve got to know better, maybe the parent of the child who did GCSE, now doing A Level and has been in every school productions possible. That’s a lovely relationship and you … Continue reading When to phone home. 

6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama

Accept the noise When everyone is working hard in the drama studio, developing different ideas into performances, there will be noise. There will be a lot of noise. You need to embrace the noise and accept it. What you must make sure is that that noise is the sound of people working hard and not the sound of people being off task. From experience, it … Continue reading 6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama