Stage Designers Lesson 1: Roles & Responsibilities

This lesson will focus on the role of designers in the theatre making process. It is ideal for students aged 13 to 15.

Task 1:

Use this Quizlet to learn the role descriptions for the jobs of Sound Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Puppet Maker and Choreographer:

When you are ready, take the test:

Alternatively, there is a simple match up activity that you can download. It is not a complex match up task, but the focus is on learning the definitions of the roles. This is information that you will need to learn and recall from memory.

Task 2:

As you watch this playlist on YouTube complete the table below. Hear about the roles from professionals who currently do the job in theatre. There are six clips, each one looking at one of the 6 roles. After each clip, make notes on what the professionals have said about their roles. Focus on these three areas:

  1. Their roles and responsibilities as theatre makers
  2. The relationships they have and form between different theatre makers
  3. The potential challenges they face doing they may face

You can watch the playlist by using this link:

You can print this sheet out, download the worksheet or just copy it out onto some paper or into your book.

Lighting DesignerSound Designer

Set DesignerCostume Designer

Puppet DesignerChoreographer

Task 3

Let’s focus on this question:

Why is it important for a designer to listen to the thoughts, ideas and interpretations of the director before the start their design?

Make some notes in either a bullet point list or as a mind map that combines your own thoughts with the responses from the professionals in the YouTube clips.


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