Technology in Drama: Review of Scene Saver

The website Scene Saver has been described at the Netflix for off West End and Fringe Theatre performances. It certainly is a website with a massive potential. The format is pretty simple, Scene Saver is an online platform with over 400 different productions from fringe venues from around the world ready for you to watch when you want.

With over 400 productions, it has a huge variety of performances drawn from a myriad of different genres, styles and audiences. There is comedy, children’s and site specific theatre, as well as puppetry, opera and signed performances to name just a few of them. It would be hard not to find something you or your students will want to watch.

With the number of larger organisations venturing online with on-demand screening for big West End shows, it is a really nice to see this space available to showcase smaller theatre companies. The theatre companies that normally fill our nations arts centres and regional theatre’s week in and week out.

The website is really easy to use, with three main options presented to you on the home screen. Firstly there is the exceptionally large volume of theatre that can be watched. Second there is the sites brilliant Theatre Club,  a fortnightly online club where you watch a chosen production and join an online conversations about it afterwards. The third is how to contribute with your own productions.

The range of productions is staggering. There a lot of lockdown shows on there at the moment, showing how adaptable the platform (and theatre) can be to the times and challenges that face us now. But beyond that, there are productions from the Edinburgh Fringe, from venues from across the world and performances lasting from 20 minutes to full 3 hours.

Scene Saver is a treasure trove of theatre and a great resource for Drama teachers and theatre lovers.

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