Welcome to the Drama Teacher’s Toolkit

Here you will find a toolkit for everything you need to teach the subject of Drama. There are eight different sections each packed with knowledge and advice on what to teach in a Drama lesson.

There is wealth of information and guidance on Acting from larger issues of working with monologues to specific practical techniques such as using eye contact and physical contact in performance. There is also a huge section on Drama games and warm ups, with over 30 different games and warm ups to try.

There is a section on Extra Curricular Drama that covers guides on putting on musicals, planning rehearsals and setting up drama ambassadors.

There are lengthy sections on helping you explore Plays and Playwrights and Practitioners and Genres. There is also a huge section just on the work of Shakespeare. And then there is a wealth of ideas of how to explore them in the rehearsal techniques and strategies section.

Finally there is a huge supportive guide on how to write and make theatre with young people. Including tips for devising theatre, writing effective dialogue for duologues and how to create structure for a performance through improvisation.

What is Burt’s Drama?

Burt’s Drama is a website for all Drama teachers. It is a place for inspiration, insight and information on everything to do with Drama. Every week there is a new CPD article posted on the website. New articles either cover Teaching and Learning in Drama or focus on subject content in the Drama Teachers toolkit. Make sure you come back every week, or, even better, sign up to receive new posts direct to you email.

The weekly CPD articles are free and there is no need to hand over your details in order to access them. Ever since Burt’s Drama started in 2008, it has been a pleasure and desire to share knowledge, understanding and expertise in Drama in Education for free. To help maintain that free at point access for all and help keep Burt’s Drama delivering high quality Drama resources to you weekly, please consider donating a cup of coffee to Burt’s Drama.

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