Strategies for the GCSE Options Process

I’m pretty sure that I don’t speak for myself when I share with you my dread of the options process every Spring. Each passing year seems to get more and more stressful. Every year the number of students needs to make a group viable seems to increase whilst at the same time every year there has been a decline in students taking Drama. Every year … Continue reading Strategies for the GCSE Options Process

When to phone home. 

Involving parents in a child’s education is special and important, but it is mainly kept to the confines of parents evenings and bad things. However, we all have some experience of a parent we’ve got to know better, maybe the parent of the child who did GCSE, now doing A Level and has been in every school productions possible. That’s a lovely relationship and you … Continue reading When to phone home. 

Building on Drama’s “Soft Skills”

I am always on the look out for ways of communicating to parents and others the value of studying drama has on a young person. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to re-instate Drama at Key Stage 3 in my school, a major step forward in the current climate. As part of that I’ve been building a display in my Drama Studio which focuses on the … Continue reading Building on Drama’s “Soft Skills”