Flipped Learning in Drama

Flipped learning isn’t such a new idea but it is still an awesome idea. Flipped Learning as a concept is an easy one to understand. Essentially you are taking out the traditional learning element of the lesson and placing it into the homework via a video which you, as the teacher, previously prepared. Then, during the part of the lesson where the learning once took … Continue reading Flipped Learning in Drama

Being mindful towards mental health in Drama

Mindfulness is everywhere. A quick search on the Internet for mindfulness in education creates a myriad of different projects, resources and news stories. It has become a big and important thing in education, and rightly so. Four in ever Five 12 to 16 year olds said, in responding to a survey, that they have had or are currently experiencing mental health problems (Ellis, 2017). Drama, … Continue reading Being mindful towards mental health in Drama

Should the subject of Drama mix with politics?

Education in Britain is divided up by so many different means, some officially such as by gender or faith and others unofficially such as location or ethnicity. Social, political and cultural division is rife through the education system. As we move towards the 2017 General Election, how much of that politics can schools debate and get involved in? Especially when the climate is touchy, the … Continue reading Should the subject of Drama mix with politics?