Drama Ambassador Resources

I have posted online the resources I have created for Drama Ambassadors. It includes a Handbook that all students who are successful in getting the position recieve. In the handbook at top tips for planning a rehearsal schedule, planning a workshop and behaviour management in the drama room. There is the job description and application process that the students need to go through to become … Continue reading Drama Ambassador Resources

6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama

Accept the noise When everyone is working hard in the drama studio, developing different ideas into performances, there will be noise. There will be a lot of noise. You need to embrace the noise and accept it. What you must make sure is that that noise is the sound of people working hard and not the sound of people being off task. From experience, it … Continue reading 6 Top Tips for Behaviour Management in Drama

6 Top Tips on Planning a Rehearsal Schedule

Make it achievable Once you have decided on what performance you are going to do, you need to make sure that the work is achievable. Try to write down everything that your group of students are going to need to do and know in order for this performance to be a success. Once you have that list prioritise them. Is it more important that your … Continue reading 6 Top Tips on Planning a Rehearsal Schedule

Drama Heroes

A small research project that I’m working on at the moment is called Drama Heroes. I’m sure it’s nothing new, and we’ve done something like this – but perhaps not in this format. The question of the project is how much can an organised and well publicised reward system help motivate students to improve their attitude to learning and/or their attainment grades. Drama heroes are … Continue reading Drama Heroes

Drama Ambassador Job Description

After some research and talking the idea through with some colleagues you already run drama ambassadors, here is the job description of the role that I’ve developed and will roll out in September. What is a drama ambassador? Being a drama ambassador is a fun and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to learn, develop and improve leadership skills by becoming involved in the creative … Continue reading Drama Ambassador Job Description

Another example of Drama Ambassadors in action

I’ve been emailed by another great colleague from the Isle of Wright about how she has implemented the Drama Ambassador concept. She has written an excellent job description which is posted at the start of the term. In her school the Drama Ambassador is responsible for running a drama club for students in either years 7, 8 or 9, creating work with students to participate … Continue reading Another example of Drama Ambassadors in action