Masterclass in using Retrieval Practice in Drama

Price: £25

This is a short course with hours of CPD videos, tasks and resources to help you develop a rigorous and robust strategy for using Retrieval Practice in your Drama practice.

Course outline

Session One: Introduction to Retrieval Practice. We begin with some of the theory and look at what Retrieval Practice, how it relates to the memory and why Retrieval Practice is so important to learning.

Session Two: Fitting Retrieval Practice into your Curriculum. Retrieval practice isn’t just about asking a series of questions at the start of the lesson, and in this session we will find out how we can use Retrieval Practice throughout our curriculum in lots of different ways,

Session Three: Written Retrieval Practice. We will spend the final three session looking at examples of Retrieval Practice in Drama. We shall begin with using written forms of Retrieval Practice for both knowledge and written work.

Session Four: Practical Retrieval Practice. On the penultimate session we will look at examples of using Retrieval Practice in practical Drama work.

Session Five: Using Retrieval Practice for revision. In this final session we shall look at how we can use Retrieval Practice to help students in their revision.

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