Rehearsals and Rehearsal Strategies

Task 1

When you rehearse for a production there are several stages that you go through. Can you name them and place them in the order that you’d normally go through?

Task 2

Download the worksheet and complete it as you watch this video. You can access the PowerPoint used for this by clicking here. There is also a knowledge organiser on rehearsal strategies to download from here.

Task 3

Write down as many different rehearsal strategies as you can think of into the separate headings on the worksheet. Research on the internet to find some more, here is a good place to start. Remember that simply experimenting with different movements, gestures etc… are all rehearsal strategies.

Task 4

Answer these questions. Make sure that you fully explain your answers:

  1. What rehearsal strategy would you recommended a director use when introducing the cast to the plot of the play but without having to read the whole play first?
  2. What rehearsal strategy would you get your actors to do to help them get into character for the first time?
  3. If you were a director, which rehearsal strategy would you recommend actors do when trying to start their blocking?
  4. As an actor, what rehearsal strategy would you use if you were struggling with using your voice to express your character motivation fully?
  5. As a director, how would you get two actors to explore their on and off stage relationship?