Verbatim Theatre Lessons

Lesson 1: What is Verbatim Theatre
RUse a range of websites to research into Verbatim Theatre and then asks students to write their own ideas for theatre.
Lesson 2: The Ethics of Verbatim Theatre
Research into the ethical considerations of Verbatim Theatre to create a statement of ethics so that you are ready to start your research.
Lesson 3: Conducting Research
Find out how Verbatim Theatre Practitioner Alecke Blythe conducts her research and undertake your own.
Lesson 4: Reviewing your research
Review your research to establish where you are and what you need to complete next.
Lesson 5: Structuring your play
Bring your research together and use the advice of experts from the UK’s National Theatre to structure your play ready for writing.
Lesson 6: Writing for the space
Start writing your play.
Lesson 7: Writing for style
Decide on the style of your performance and continue to write your play
Lesson 8: Finish your play
Finish and edit your play.