Stage Designers Lesson 3: Set Design

Task 1

Revise the Stage Configurations from Lesson 2 by using this Quizlet:

When you are ready, take the test:

Make your own Quizlet for the advantages and disadvantages of each Stage Configuration using the notes from lesson 2.

Task 2

Set Design: rewatch Stage Design film on YouTube

Answer these questions:

  1. Why is it important to consider everything that is put on stage and seen by the audience?
  2. What does Bunny Christie (Designer for the National Theatre, UK) suggest you write down about each scene before you start designing?
  3. What does Bunny Christie do for research when starting a new design?
  4. What is the difference between drawn stage designs and model sets?

Task 3

Choose a scene from your favourite play or musical.

You are going to design a set for that scene. It must be an original design, so it must be your interpretation of the scene.

Write down the following things about the scene you have chosen:

  • Characters in the scene
  • The time of day that the scene takes place in
  • The month and season that the scene takes place in
  • What is happening in the scene?
  • Special notes for the scene (eg something particularly important that effects the stage design).

Task 4

Choose a stage configuration that you think would suit that scene and create 3 different stage designs for that scene. Create your designs on paper and draw them. They only need to be sketches.

Task 5

Choose your favourite design and answer this question:

As a designer describe in detail your set design for the scene you have chosen. You should justify your ideas with reference to the original staging.

In your answer refer to:

  • your choice of stage and audience position
  • production style
  • set and props (including use of colour)