Script Analysis Lesson 2

This lesson is aimed at students aged 12 to 15. It can be broken down into two lessons very easily, with tasks 1, 2 and 3 in the first lesson and the remaining tasks in the final lesson.

Task 1:

  1. Write a list from memory as many key terms that we use for an actors Movement and Voice when acting.
  2. Write as many definitions down by the key terms as well.
  3. Check your list against this one.
  4. Amend and change any key terms that you have not got correct.

Task 2:

Have a look at this line from The Hunger Games said by Gale to Katniss:

What truth? Nothing is positive about this. Nothing. They’re all idiots! Why would they do this to us? It’s like they think they’re the only ones that live!

As a director, I have told the actor playing this character to use an angry tone of voice when saying this line. I’ve also told them to emphasis the words ‘nothing’, ‘idiots’ and ‘why’. I’ve told them to have a loud volume during the first part of the line (up to ‘do this to us?’) but then go quiet and soft for the last line. I’ve also told them to have a pause between ‘It’s like’ and ‘they think’.

What do you think would communicate to the audience?

Answer this question in full sentences, making sure you give evidence for your understanding.

Task 3:

Using this same line from Hunger Games, what movement would you add to communicate the same meaning to the audience? Answer this question in full sentences.

Here is a sample sentence to help you:

“To communicate to the audience that my character is angry I would walk across the stage, quickly closing up the proxemics between my character and Katniss and wagging my finger in her direction when I say, “What truth?”.

Task 4:

Read the whole extract from The Hunger Games.

Scene Context.

This occurs at the beginning of the film before the reaping takes place. Gale is older than Katniss and stands a bigger chance of being picked. If you unfamiliar with The Hunger Games, the reaping is how young people are chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. The games are essentially a fight to the death held inside a dome and watched by millions on TV. Each district, which the country has been divided up into, sends one boy and one girl to the games. For every year you live you get one more ‘entry’ onto the list, which means the older you are the more likely you are to be chosen. People can also get more entries onto the list by swapping them for food or shelter if they are in desperate need, this is what has happened to Gale.

  1. Katniss is already on stage as Gale enters
  2. GALE:                    Katniss?
  3. KATNISS:             What?
  4. GALE:                    This is stupid.
  5. KATNISS:             What’s stupid?
  6. GALE:                    This Hunger Games thing. Why would they kill people like this?
  7. KATNISS:             I know. We all hate it. But we have to face the truth that-
  8. GALE:                    What truth? Nothing is positive about this. Nothing. They’re all idiots! Why
  9.                               would they do this to us? It’s like they think they’re the only ones that live!
  10.                              What ever happened to equality?
  11. He mutters his curses at the capitol. Katniss rolls her eyes at the sight of Gale pouting.
  12. KATNISS:             See you in the square.
  13. Gale exits.

Task 5

It would be easier if you can print this out. You can either print this whole page out or download it just the script from here. If you don’t have access to a printer, I have numbered the lines so that you can write do the next exercise on paper without having to print out this page.

Annotate each of the characters lines to indicate both the characters emotions and motivation for saying the line. Be careful, as the characters emotions and/or motivations may change in the middle of a line!

Task 6

Choose one of the characters to focus on. Annotate their lines to show what movement you would make to communicate the characters emotions and motivations. Annotate their lines for the way you would say their lines as well.

Task 7

Answer this question in full sentences.

How would you communicate your interpretation of your character (Gale or Katniss) to the audience through the use of voice and movement?