Research Project: How has Drama helped you? A student survey

The purpose of this survey is to find out what kind of impact Drama has had on you and your education. It doesn’t matter what kind of experience of Drama you have. You could have taken it for GCSE, BTEC or as an activity. It could be in school or out of school.

Learning about and taking part in Drama is very important because it equips people with the skills they need to make a success of themselves.

There is an important place for Drama in schools. The skills and experiences you get in Drama helps across all the other subjects you study, and beyond.

We want to gather evidence to support our thoughts on this matter. We know that Drama helps develop confident, well-informed and powerful young people. We want some evidence to prove it.

So this survey will ask you about your experiences with Drama. It will ask you if your experiences with Drama has helped in the other subjects you studied. The survey will ask you how Drama has helped you in other ways as well.

We will bring all that information together. We will gather all your comments and all the statistics into one place. Then we will use them to continue to build up the case that there should be a place for Drama, especially GCSE Drama, in schools across the United Kingdom.

The survey is completely anonymous and you will not give your name or contact details.

Thank you again for taking this survey.

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