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Tips for Remote Drama Teaching

In these strange and unusual times we are being asked to teach, or at least provide, lessons remotely. Such a task comes with complex issues about how to get your work to students, how to communicate with them and how to provide feedback to them. As I have the time to do so, I thought I’d write an article on how we can approach teaching remotely.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Rebecca Lenkiewicz is an amazing and engaging British playwright and screenwriter. She writes the most engaging and realistic characters that explore and illuminate the lives of marginalised women. Her work is great for GCSE or A Level students to explore and perform. Continue reading Rebecca Lenkiewicz

6 Tips for new Heads of Drama

Stepping up to Head of Drama can be very rewarding job. Although the workload, accountability and responsibility increases so does the job satisfaction and the impact you can make on the lives of students. So here are some top tips to help your first few months at Head of Drama become a successful and joyful experience. Continue reading 6 Tips for new Heads of Drama


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