Another example of Drama Ambassadors in action

I’ve been emailed by another great colleague from the Isle of Wright about how she has implemented the Drama Ambassador concept. She has written an excellent job description which is posted at the start of the term. In her school the Drama Ambassador is responsible for running a drama club for students in either years 7, 8 or 9, creating work with students to participate in performance evenings etc… She says that drama ambassadors have the opportunity to contribute to the larger school production in some form as well.

The structure is similar to my initial thoughts of matching the higher years to specific lower years, resulting in a specific Year 7 drama club run by a Year 10 student – however, she has left it open and anyone one from a higher year group can run any lower year group drama club. She also makes sure that the students work in pairs to run the workshop and that they are guided / headed up by experienced sixth formers who have previously been in the role. The students taking up the position are given full training and support to before and during the time they are drama ambassadors. What is interesting is that she also stipulates that students don’t need to be taking GCSE or A Level drama to be an ambassador. My first initial reaction to that was I wasn’t sure – but actually now I can see that’s a good thing. It brings others from outside into the department, there are a lot of students who do performance stuff outside of school but don’t take GCSE and it has the potential to become nepotistic.

From the students who are interested to become drama ambassadors, she asks for the following things; be required to commit to at least one lunch time activity for your year group, work with your year group to contribute performances to open evenings, performance nights etc…, be an aspirational and positive role model for younger students in the school and promote a positive image of Drama and Performing Arts within the school.

I think this model is also excellent – it brings a lot of new ideas and approaches to the idea that I definitely want to include in the model I’m working on.

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