Does a drama club always have to be about a performance?

From the feedback I got on how to make a drama club a success I’ve received some ace advice to draw upon. The majority all say that a focus for the club to work towards is always key. Most drama clubs work towards some sort of performance or sharing – be it anything from a Christmas or Summer Concert to an informal gathering of parents. Or running a club for specific groups of people – such as a gifted and talented group – but still the consensus for that is still working towards a performance.

This is great – but one thing I worry about is that they are all performance focused. Some students enjoy the exploring and creative side of drama without necessarily a big performance in front an audience. Has anyone had success in a drama club without it being performance focused? It’s really good to share this knowledge and experience as I’m sure I’m not the only one who is facing this dilemma.

Please comment.

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