Formalising written feedback in Drama

This week I’ve been looking at embedding the method of recording feedback during rehearsals. As part of this I’ve created an format of making this feedback more formal. This is simply a formal way of writing up rehearsal notes as a way of recording the feedback I give to students. A link to the worksheet I’ve created is here:

We all write and then give notes during a production period to students as a way of communicating both group and individual improvements. However, when this happens during the preperation for a larger performance in class (for BTEC or for Edexcel GCSE Unit 3 for example) I’ve found that I watch the group, either giving verbal feedback or getting into the group and modelling for them.

Not that any of these thngs are bad, but I’ve added to them by watching anything between 2 to 10 minutes of the rehearsal, taking notes using this sheet and then either giving it to them to analyse or going through it with the group, modelling and giving further verbal feedback.

What makes this sheet different from a simple piece of paper is that it has the most relevant assessment critieria on it for the students to refer to during the process.

What is important to the success of this process is giving the students the opportunity to set targets at the end of the lesson, well throughout the lesson really, on how to improve using this sheet and the assessment criteria.

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