Flipped Classroom Reflections

We’ve done two presentations now and I started the third one today. I’m beginning  question where I’m going with this.

The first one I did was exciting and the students really liked it. They came into the next lesson buzzing and saying how great it was. The lesson after the presentation was set up so that we could go straight into the work rather than spend ages with me telling them about it. A good half of the group found it difficult to get on. The second one I did didn’t seem to go down nearly half as well and the students didn’t come back with that same enthusiasm.

I’ve just watched a lesson recorded by MrKevinMeadows and it seems so much more of a lesson. The content perhaps is easier to make into a video – the content was Fractions. The presentation is cartoon based, which I guess to some extend makes it more interesting – but that’s by the by. The way he simply talks about it is much more interesting – he gives it context. He doesn’t just talk about fractions but discusses how fractions might be applied if we were cutting up Sushi. The second session was simply theory about Stanislavski with no helpful context whereas the first was how to write a theatre review and an example.

The problem is I’m constrained by YouTube at the moment as they only allow you upload 15 minutes worth, where I think if I were to do the one I started but didn’t finish today with an example and explain the theory in sufficient detail it would last 20 – 25 minutes.

Reducing the content isn’t an option because I’ve already split the content down into the smallest sections I can.

I think the next thing is to either see if I can find a host that will allow me to upload something longer than 15 minutes or do the next one in two halves.

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