10 Day Masterclass in Drama Curriculum Design

10 Day Masterclass in Drama Curriculum Design

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Live every day between Monday 15th November and Friday 26th November 2021

Price: £40

This is a ten day course with hours of CPD videos, tasks and resources to help you review your current Drama curriculum and build on it to curate and create your ideal Drama curriculum.

The course is spread over 10 days, so that you can learn as you go, spending as little or as long as you want on it each day. After the 10 days, you will continue to have complete access to the course materials forever.

There will also be two Q&A sessions during the course so that you can ask specific questions about your school, your context or your curriculum.

Course outline

Week 1: Monday 15th November to Friday 19th November 2021

Day One: Identify Knowledge. Review the content your current curriculum and identify what you would like to teach in your new Drama Curriculum. We will also review your schools boundaries and contexts, and how much that will impact on your choices and options.

Day Two: Identify the Big Picture. We begin to structure your new Drama Curriculum across all the Key Stages you teach so that you can show progression in learning knowledge and building towards developing informed, well rounded and educated young people.

Day Three: Units of Learning. On this day we bring together the different strands of knowledge into Units of Learning and how knowledge builds in individual Units of Learning, cultural capital can be developed and formative assessment folded into it.

Day Four: Instructional design for factual knowledge. Today we go deeper into the Units of Learning and create a strategy for delivering factual knowledge to your students.

Day Five: Retrieval Practice Strategies. Having looked at how we will deliver factual knowledge, today we will explore the role of retrieval practice and how best to employ it in Drama for both practical and theory work.

Week 2: Monday 22nd November to Friday 26th November 2021

Day Six: Rehearsal as deliberate and guided practice. We start week two by exploring the role of rehearsal in teaching Drama and how important this is as part of deliberate and guided practice to improve.

Day Seven: Stretch and Challenge. Today we start going back to the big picture, beginning with weaving into the big picture of our curriculum opportunities to stretch and challenge your students.

Day Eight: Blending in Cultural Capital. Continuing to examine the big picture of your curriculum, today we begin to explore the importance of Cultural Capital and how to blend it into your curriculum in a variety of different ways.

Day Nine: Reading opportunities. Today we consider how to create opportunities for increased reading in our curriculum.

Day Ten: Summative Assessment Strategy. On our final day we will explore the role of Summative Assessment in your curriculum and plan when and how those summative assessments will take place.

Q&A Events

There will a Q&A events taking place during the course in the form of a submission event, where during the two weeks you will be able to ask me a question and I will answer it in a video posted into the course on Monday 29th November.

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10 Day Masterclass in Drama Curriculum Design


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